Components Of Franklin TN Monthly Mortgage Payments

It is useful to understand components of Franklin TN monthly mortgage payments for budgeting purposes. The acronym PITI is often used to remember the items included, which are principal, interest, taxes, and insurance. Not all loan payments will include every one of these items. It may vary based on your specific program. Components Of Monthly […]

Common Window Types For Franklin TN Real Estate

Selecting the perfect windows for a property can be very important. Windows contribute to the design of a Franklin TN home. They also function in different ways and have different air leakage rates. Below are some typical common window types for Franklin TN real estate and useful information about each. Common Window Types For Franklin […]

Franklin TN Homeowner Mortgage Refinancing Guidance

Are you thinking about refinancing? Refinancing involves some fees but can result in smaller monthly payments. It can be with the current lender that holds your loan or a new bank altogether. Franklin TN Homeowner Mortgage Refinancing Guidance including the costs and reasons for refinancing are discussed in this blog. Timing the Refinance of a […]

Guidelines For Renovating Green In Franklin TN

Think about an eco-friendly style for your next renovation project. Green construction basically entails using certain products and procedures that are better for the environment or for your well-being. Below are a few guidelines for renovating green in Franklin TN. Material Awareness Select materials made locally. This requires less use of fuel for transportation. Local […]

Home Renovation Trends In Franklin TN

House styles are always changing. Staying up to date with trends will help maximize your home’s value. Below are some tips on home renovation trends in Franklin TN. Open Layouts Small separate rooms were once in demand, but no longer. Open layouts are in greater demand. They are brighter and make a space appear more […]

Steps In The Financing Process For Purchasing Franklin TN Homes

There are many steps in the real estate buying process, and several relate to obtaining a mortgage loan. It can be complicated for both new and experienced home buyers. This blog outlines important details about steps in the financing process for purchasing Franklin TN homes and includes what you may want to be aware of […]

Ideas On Pest Control And Prevention In Franklin TN Properties

Pests like fleas and rats can cause health risks to your family. Once a pest problem exists, it can be somewhat tough to eliminate. There are a variety of steps that you can take to address pest problems in a property, including chemical and non-chemical alternatives. In this blog are ideas on pest control and […]

Franklin TN Property Remodeling Tips

There is a lot to consider when planning a home remodeling project. You must select a layout, products, color schemes, etc. You will also want the project to withstand wear and tear – it is an investment, after all. Below are a few Franklin TN property remodeling tips to aid in planning your next project. […]

A List Of Lender Closing Charges In Franklin TN

When you obtain a mortgage for a real estate purchase, you will be faced with a range of charges related to the loan. These are commonly referred to as closing costs, but there are different types of charges that fall into that classification. This article covers a list of lender closing charges in Franklin TN. A […]

What The Franklin TN Real Estate Inventory Shortage Means For Consumers

There is low housing inventory in many regions. Supply is not sufficient for demand. This leads to an interesting experience for both buyers and sellers. Here is what the Franklin TN real estate inventory shortage means for consumers. Increased Competition Insufficient inventory generates a competitive market for buyers. Newly listed properties will immediately receive a […]