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Ideas On Pest Control And Prevention In Franklin TN Properties

Pests like fleas and rats can cause health risks to your family. Once a pest problem exists, it can be somewhat tough to eliminate. There are a variety of steps that you can take to address pest problems in a property, including chemical and non-chemical alternatives. In this blog are ideas on pest control and prevention in Franklin TN properties.

Daily Pest Prevention

Remove Water

All organisms require water to survive, so it is crucial to eliminate the unwanted water in your property. Stop leaking pipes and do not let moisture gather anywhere in or around your property. Dry out damp materials. Even high humidity can draw in pests, so use a dehumidifier in moisture prone rooms in a home. Reducing moisture will make it less attractive to pests.

Common Hiding Spots

Remove any frequent indoor hiding locations such as large piles of papers, paper bags, and boxes kept for extended periods of time. These always store moisture and render desirable hiding spots for pests. Consider using plastic bins rather than paper boxes for extended storage necessities.

Cover Entrances

Stop unwanted critters from getting easy access to your property by caulking small openings in ceilings, walls, and floors. Insert screens on drains, windows, and doors to block flying insects from freely getting into the home. Stick weather stripping to windows and doors to block any obvious cracks. Specifically in warmer months, keep doors closed to minimize access points.

Food Waste

Do not leave food out on counter tops and in kitchen sinks. This attracts animals and keeps them there. Try using plasticware that closes tightly. Trash barrels may also attract unwanted pests, so find ones that contain smells. Throw food in a garbage disposal if possible to reduce the amount of rubbish placed in your trash.

Rodents look for nooks to live in that address minimal needs for oxygen, moisture, food, and shelter. The best method to control pests is to inhibit them from accessing a property in the first place by eliminating the elements that they need to live (as offered in this blog). Taking these simple steps may avoid the need for more costly measures later on. These ideas on pest control and prevention in Franklin TN properties are meant to only be a basic overview.


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