House styles are always changing. Staying up to date with trends will help maximize your home’s value. Below are some tips on home renovation trends in Franklin TN.

Open Layouts

Small separate rooms were once in demand, but no longer. Open layouts are in greater demand. They are brighter and make a space appear more spacious. Think about adding dramatic upgrades such as tray ceilings, taller windows, or accent features such as built-in seating.

Technology Components

Technology is becoming ingrained in daily life. Remember this when configuring your floor plan. Most rooms should have a wall suitable for a large TV. Install electric and cable outlets in optimal locations. Consider incorporating in-wall speakers as well.

Extending Indoor Living Space

The outside and inside of your property are no longer treated as disconnected spaces. Minimize the separation between them to make your property appear bigger and maximize your living area. Include easy entry to outdoor spaces, particularly from the kitchen. Enhance backyard with a pretty patio, fire pit, or perhaps an outdoor kitchen. Improving privacy is also important to remember.

Going Green

Going green is more popular today than ever before. You will notice homes marketed specifically for this. There are many different options, both big and small. You can select energy efficient windows and doors, find less chemical-intensive materials, reclaim old materials to add character to a newer home, and/or find sustainable goods.

More About Home Renovation Trends In Franklin TN

Above are just a few home renovation trends in Franklin TN. Your builder can be a great resource for further recommendations. There are also a wealth of websites with innovative options. Before making final decisions, it is a great idea to get a professional opinion on what features would be most important to home buyers and would thus improve your resale value.


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