Selecting the perfect windows for a property can be very important. Windows contribute to the design of a Franklin TN home. They also function in different ways and have different air leakage rates. Below are some typical common window types for Franklin TN real estate and useful information about each.

Common Window Types For Franklin TN Real Estate

Hung Windows

Hung windows are the most popular style found in Franklin TN residential buildings. Single-hung styles have only one section that slides up and down, while double-hung windows allow both the top and bottom sashes to slide up and down. Newer ones also enable you to open both sashes inward for easy exterior cleaning. They commonly come with with grilles between the panes of glass for an enhanced look. As a downside, they normally have more air leakage.

Single and Double Sliding Windows

Single and double sliding windows are very much like the hung type, with the only difference being that they open left and right instead of up and down. Given this, sliding windows are typically wider then hung styles.

Hinged Windows

Several window styles have hinged panes. They all offer the benefit of lower air leakage rates compared to sliding styles because the sash shuts tightly by pressing against the frame. Casement and awning windows are both hinged at one side. Awning windows are hinged at the top and casement windows are hinged on either the left or right side. Both open outward and allow the sash to open completely for ventilation. They typically open using a cranking component and are thus ideal for hard to reach areas. Hopper style windows extend inward and are hinged at the bottom. They are usually very narrow and offer a more casual design. Thus, they are often installed in basements and bathrooms.

Picture Windows

Picture windows do not open at all. When placed correctly, they enable almost no air to escape. Since they do not allow any ventilation, they may offer limited functionality. windows are normally placed in wide spaces and with other styles that do ventilate.

Choosing Windows Types

Prior to choosing windows, contemplate the layout of the room, need for ventilation, insulation, and design characteristics of each type of window. Certain rooms may call for different styles. A combination of different types may also enhance the design of a room.

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