Franklin TN Property Remodeling Tips

There is a lot to consider when planning a home remodeling project. You must select a layout, products, color schemes, etc. You will also want the project to withstand wear and tear – it is an investment, after all. Below are a few Franklin TN property remodeling tips to aid in planning your next project. […]

A List Of Lender Closing Charges In Franklin TN

When you obtain a mortgage for a real estate purchase, you will be faced with a range of charges related to the loan. These are commonly referred to as closing costs, but there are different types of charges that fall into that classification. This article covers a list of lender closing charges in Franklin TN. A […]

What The Franklin TN Real Estate Inventory Shortage Means For Consumers

There is low housing inventory in many regions. Supply is not sufficient for demand. This leads to an interesting experience for both buyers and sellers. Here is what the Franklin TN real estate inventory shortage means for consumers. Increased Competition Insufficient inventory generates a competitive market for buyers. Newly listed properties will immediately receive a […]

PMI Removal For Conventional Mortgages

PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) is typically due on standard conventional mortgages with low down payments. The amount is billed monthly and part of the mortgage payment. PMI removal for conventional mortgages will save money off your mortgage payment, so it is a good idea to become familiar with how PMI works and when it can […]

Franklin TN Buyer Agent Services And The Benefits Of Hiring A Buyer Agent

As a home buyer, you have the option of representation. Listing agents have a legal responsibility to protect their seller client. They must treat all home buyers fairly, but they must protect the best interests of their client before any others. As a home buyer, you can receive the same level of service and protection […]

A Comparison Of Appraised Versus Assessed Values in Franklin TN

People typically confuse appraised value with assessed value. As a home buyer or home seller, it is important to know the difference between these terms. A comparison of appraised versus assessed values in Franklin TN can be found in this article. Definition Of Assessed Value Municipalities require a property tax on residential homes. The calculation is derived […]

Williamson County Real Estate Sales for April 2017

Real Estate in Williamson County continues to remain hot.  April 2017 was the 14th consecutive month with a single family home median sales price above $400,000.  Single family homes sold 27% faster than at the same time in 2016 with an April 2017 average of 49 days on market. Williamson County Real Estate Sales for […]

Mortgage Approval Considerations For Franklin TN Lenders

Pre-approvals will not always lead to actual loan approval. Mortgage companies perform a thorough evaluation before issuing an approval. The process does not normally begin until after a signed offer to purchase as they must assess both the personal data of buyers and specifics of the home being financed. Below are some mortgage approval considerations […]

Suggestions On Helpful House Enhancements

It is common to focus primarily on the larger items when thinking about house enhancements. Sometimes the best enhancements are the inepxensive ones. Whether you are constructing a new house or fixing up an existing one, give some consideration to the following helpful house enhancements. Prepare for Planned Upgrades When planning a space, think beyond […]

Calculating Home Ownership Costs In Franklin TN

Calculating home ownership costs in Franklin TN is an important introductory step for all home buyers and should be completed prior to seeing homes for sale. This saves time and minimizes heartbreak. There are several calculations to consider including loan payments, property taxes, insurance, property fees, and maintenance expenses. Loan Payments Loan Payments may be […]