2017 Franklin TN Home Ownership Tax Tips

The tax deadline is rapidly approaching! Do not miss out on money saving tax benefits of home ownership. The 2017 Franklin TN home ownership tax tips in this blog may help with your taxes this year. Find the Correct Amounts Paid for Property Taxes Property taxes are a tax deductible property expense. It is important […]

Franklin TN First Time Buyer Advice

The real estate purchase steps may be confusing if you are doing it for the first time. The Franklin TN first time buyer advice below will make it less confusing. Real estate is a big financial investment and home buyers should become well educated. Before Starting a Property Search Get Pre-approved Contact a local loan […]

Definitions Of Popular Real Estate Phrases In Franklin, TN

The real estate process is complex enough to begin with. Real estate phrases can make it even more confusing, especially if you are a first time buyer. Below are definitions of popular real estate phrases in Franklin, TN. This may help you better understand the buying and selling process. Definitions Of Popular Real Estate Phrases […]

Williamson County, TN Events Calendar March 2017

It may seem like Spring has already arrived, but we’re still officially a few weeks away!  There is a lot going on in Williamson County for March 2017.  Here are some highlights as well as a link to the full calendar below.   Williamson County, TN Events Calendar March 2017   Franklin Favorites The First Friday […]

Tips On Negotiating Offers For Franklin, TN Properties

Many negotiations occur during a real estate transaction. It can be an emotional undertaking for everyone in the transaction. This article offers tips on negotiating offers for Franklin, TN properties. What to Know Regarding Negotiations Market Conditions Real estate market conditions may affect your leverage in a negotiation. In a buyer’s market, home buyers have […]

Color Psychology And Home Design Considerations

When painting a home, review color psychology. Every color arouses different responses. It may also impact how spacious a room appears. Ultimately, it can influence a home’s resale value. Below, I will provide information on color psychology and home design considerations. Color Psychology Colors not only have unique interpretations, but they also tend to create […]

Mortgage Good Faith Estimates For Franklin, TN Property Purchases

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is in charge of overseeing and enforcing regulations relating to finances. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) is a federal law that relates to property and mortgage transactions. One of the regulations under RESPA is the requirement that a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) be sent to all buyers who […]

Accuracy Of Electronic Real Estate Valuation Estimates In Franklin, TN

You may see electronic real estate valuation estimates when searching for home buying and selling information on the Internet. As a real estate consumer, you may find yourself using these estimates. You should not rely on these estimates without first understanding how they are calculated. The Process of Computing Electronic Real Estate Values Electronic real […]

Property Repairs That May Increase Property Values in Franklin, TN

If you are wanting to sell your home this year or are simply tackling projects, there are particular renovations that are more likely to increase the value of your real estate. Some may be more pricey than others. Some property repairs that may increase property values are below. Add on a Sunroom Adding a sunroom […]