Top 5 Loan Refinancing Factors – Franklin TN Refinance Factors

Refinancing a home can result in big savings if performed under the correct circumstances. Every mortgage and homeowner is different, so the best time to refinance for one person may not be the same for others. Prior to starting a refinance, think about these top 5 loan refinancing factors. Top 5 Loan Refinancing Factors – […]

Typical Tax Deductions For Purchasing Real Estate In Franklin TN

There may be many typical tax deductions for purchasing real estate. Deductions lower your taxable income and thus result in fewer taxes owed. It is important to learn the tax benefits before buying a property or if analyzing renting vs. buying. This blog post provides an explanation of typical tax deductions for purchasing real estate […]

Deciding If Condominium Insurance Is Necessary In Franklin TN

If you own a condominium, you might not realize that you need condominium insurance. Condominium developments normally retain a master insurance policy, but this will not give the protection that you might assume. It is essential that you evaluate what master insurance actually covers and the additional advantages available from personal Franklin TN condo insurance […]

Condo Buying Tips For Franklin TN Home Buyers

Condominium purchases are slightly different from single family property purchases.  There is usually more information to evaluate. This blog offers condo buying tips for Franklin TN home buyers. Definition of a Condo Condos are developments with multiple units with shared common areas such as land and amenities. The exterior are part of the association and […]

Building Versus Purchasing Luxury Properties In Franklin TN

For luxury properties, you can either construct a new home or purchase an existing one. There are positives and negatives to each. Below is some information that may help you compare building versus purchasing luxury properties in Franklin TN. Purchasing a Pre-built Luxury Property Purchasing a pre-built property is a much less complicated task than […]

Franklin TN Bridge Loans – How Bridge Loans Work

Individuals selling one home and buying (or building) another can be challenged with reconciling both events, especially in competitive environments. Bridge loans may be a effective solution to this problem. The information that follows on Franklin TN bridge loans – how bridge loans work will help you understand this financing program. Franklin TN Bridge Loans […]

Seller Disclosure Requirements For Franklin TN Listings

When listing a home, sellers and agents have a legal responsibility to tell everything they know about a home. Most lawsuits pertain to home buyers knowing that a homeowner intentionally hid facts. The following are seller disclosure requirements for Franklin, TN listings. Why Sellers Must Disclose Disclosing material facts is critical. In minor cases, not […]

Listing Your Franklin TN Property As-Is

You most likely have encountered the term As-Is. Sellers like to sell As-Is, but it is critical to learn how a potential buyer might feel about that term. Below is important information on listing your Franklin TN property As-Is. What As-Is Means As-Is means that a property will be sold in its existing condition. This […]

Information On Interpreting Franklin TN Inspection Reports

Home inspections can be a stressful step in the real estate purchase process. Buyer emotions are typically high and there is a large amount of information to digest. Having knowledge of how inspections operate will make it less difficult to handle. Below is information on interpreting Franklin TN inspection reports. Inspection Overview Inspections afford buyers […]

Franklin TN Real Estate Inspection Overview For Buyers And Sellers

A home inspection is an assessment of the building and all mechanical and electrical systems by a licensed professional. It normally includes a review of each visible aspect of the interior and exterior of a home. A certified home inspector has evaluated many properties and is therefore familiar with all the factors of home building, […]