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Building Versus Purchasing Luxury Properties In Franklin TN

For luxury properties, you can either construct a new home or purchase an existing one. There are positives and negatives to each. Below is some information that may help you compare building versus purchasing luxury properties in Franklin TN.

Purchasing a Pre-built Luxury Property

Purchasing a pre-built property is a much less complicated task than constructing one. There are not as many decisions to make when the home is already complete and hardware and appliances are already in place. Timelines and prices are also more finite. However, pre-built real estate may not be as unique, particularly if they are situated in neighborhoods with similar homes. They can also be missing elements on your wish list and require construction work after you complete the purchase. It would be prudent to evaluate options and pricing with a remodeler prior to finalizing a purchase.

Constructing a Custom Luxury Property

Constructing a unique luxury home can be fun and rewarding, but it also comes with a few challenges. Custom properties can be constructed to your specifications. This enables you to attain all features that you desire and to make your property truly special. On the other hand, having a property built is not easy. First and foremost, it can be challenging finding and purchasing a suitable lot. Once you find it, it may not be located in the neighborhood environment you aimed for. The construction process also takes a lot of thought and time to complete and with many decisions to make throughout the process. The final cost may change depending on a variety of factors such as upgrades, change orders and unanticipated delays. Lastly, locating an experienced builder is critical.

Building Versus Purchasing Luxury Properties In Franklin TN

Jim Eaton with Blueprint Realty, Inc. and a custom home builder can assist you with weighing building versus purchasing luxury properties in Franklin TN. Differences primarily include planning, timelines, cost, and possible amenities. Naturally, some of these factors will be more critical to you than others.


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