There are many ways to prepare for purchasing a property. A particularly critical one is to analyze your credit reports in advance as those scores affect your loan alternatives and interest rate. Below are home buying credit score improvement methods for Franklin, TN real estate.

Locating Mistakes

Your credit score determines if you qualify for certain financing options, so pull your credit rating in advance. There are three major credit agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Your rating will be different with each of them. If there are any discrepancies, be sure to start the process of correcting them immediately as this may take several months to complete.

Accelerating Scores

If your credit score is unsatisfactory, find ways of accelerating it. There are different methods to accomplish this. If you do not often utilize your credit cards, then they are not providing information to the credit agencies and are therefore not affecting your score. Make regular purchases with your cards and pay them off in full. This will help improve your credit history. If your balances are high compared to the credit limits, start reducing the balance on each card. Remember that it is more beneficial to have minimum balances on multiple cards compared to having one approaching the limit.

Debt Distribution

Once you are under contract for your new home, do not apply for new debt or make any major purchases. These all will impact your credit rating and can negatively impact the closing of your loan. When lenders see a high number of loan applications, they often infer that you may not be financially stable. The same applies if you are depending on your credit cards and carry significant balances.

More Home Buying Credit Score Improvement Methods For Franklin, TN Real Estate

By understanding your credit score, you may have the time to correct inaccuracies. Employ the basic Home Buying Credit Score Improvement Methods For Franklin, TN Real Estate practices offered above and you may see an increase in your credit score. Note that these are simply a few guidelines. For personalized financial assistance, consult with a credit advisor.


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