Information On Frequently Used Mortgage Lingo

Navigating the home loan process will be complex, particularly with all of the mortgage-specific lingo. Familiarizing yourself with frequently used mortgage lingo may help the process. In this blog you will find information on frequently used mortgage lingo. Frequently Used Mortgage Lingo Pre-approval A pre-approval is something prepared by a mortgage company confirming the amount […]

Franklin TN Closing Attorney Responsibilities

The closing represents a conclusion of all the work and paperwork in the home buying process. It is when a purchaser receives keys and is recognized as the owner of a home. A closing attorney performs the closing and is responsible for certain items before the closing date. This blog explains Franklin TN closing attorney […]

Steps In The Financing Process For Purchasing Franklin TN Homes

There are many steps in the real estate buying process, and several relate to obtaining a mortgage loan. It can be complicated for both new and experienced home buyers. This blog outlines important details about steps in the financing process for purchasing Franklin TN homes and includes what you may want to be aware of […]

A List Of Lender Closing Charges In Franklin TN

When you obtain a mortgage for a real estate purchase, you will be faced with a range of charges related to the loan. These are commonly referred to as closing costs, but there are different types of charges that fall into that classification. This article covers a list of lender closing charges in Franklin TN. A […]

Mortgage Approval Considerations For Franklin TN Lenders

Pre-approvals will not always lead to actual loan approval. Mortgage companies perform a thorough evaluation before issuing an approval. The process does not normally begin until after a signed offer to purchase as they must assess both the personal data of buyers and specifics of the home being financed. Below are some mortgage approval considerations […]

Why Home Buyers Should Be Pre-Approved Prior To Viewing Franklin TN Homes

If you are getting ready to buy real estate, do not miss the critical first step of obtaining a home loan pre-approval. A pre-approval involves evaluating your finances and credit rating to gauge your ability to obtain a home loan. It is not a promise of a mortgage, but the best estimation in lieu of […]