The Importance Of Home Insurance – Franklin TN

Franklin TN home insurance covers privately owned properties. It is often mandatory for homes with a home loan, but even without a mortgage, it is important to purchase. Below are details on the importance of home insurance. The Importance Of Home Insurance Your property may be the largest investment that you may make. As a […]

Deciding If Condominium Insurance Is Necessary In Franklin TN

If you own a condominium, you might not realize that you need condominium insurance. Condominium developments normally retain a master insurance policy, but this will not give the protection that you might assume. It is essential that you evaluate what master insurance actually covers and the additional advantages available from personal Franklin TN condo insurance […]

Calculating Home Ownership Costs In Franklin TN

Calculating home ownership costs in Franklin TN is an important introductory step for all home buyers and should be completed prior to seeing homes for sale. This saves time and minimizes heartbreak. There are several calculations to consider including loan payments, property taxes, insurance, property fees, and maintenance expenses. Loan Payments Loan Payments may be […]

Title Insurance Information For Franklin TN Properties

First time buyers often ask about title insurance, what it covers, and if they need it. Lender’s title insurance is required with most mortgages, however, owner’s title insurance is usually an option. Buyers must assess the benefits and decide for themselves on whether it is worthwhile based on the costs and advantages. In this article […]