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Pricing Strategies For Homes In Franklin TN

Pricing is closely related to how long a property will remain on the market or if it will sell at all. Pricing is crucial at all times but is especially critical in a buyers market where there is plenty of inventory to choose from. The following is advice on pricing strategies for homes in Franklin TN.

Take Into Account the Real Estate Market

Every real estate market varies. When you see statistics on television, those normally reference national figures. Your specific area can be very different. A local real estate professional will provide a property valuation report that assesses recent sales of similar properties in your area and produce an anticipated price range for your home. This value will change regularly, so do not refer to past figures.

Rely on Factual Data

When reading the market analysis, remember that it is a range. Where your property falls in there is contingent upon other homes currently on the market and your desired timeline. As a seller, it is normal to have pride in a house and the time and effort invested. Unfortunately, not all home buyers will attribute similar value to different features. Expect that you will not recoup the total amount of renovations. Market valuation is defined as the amount that a home buyer is willing to pay for a property during a defined time. It may not necessarily be close to your requirements or resemble what you paid for the home.

Pricing Strategies For Homes In Franklin TN

Pricing a home above market value will lead to loss of time. If the market condition declines further during that time, the property may in the end sell for even lower than it could have if positioned fairly from the beginning. Furthermore, home buyers usually have a negative feelings about houses that have stayed on the market for a long period of time. This can be difficult to overcome even after a home lowers in price eventually. Pricing too high can be irrevocably damaging.

Some Final Advice for Sellers

If the current market value of your house is dramatically different than your expectations, it might be a good idea to watch the price fluctuations and wait for the market to go up rather than pricing high and allowing it to sit for a lengthy period of time. If you must sell and need to do so in a defined window of time, selecting a price appropriate for the real estate market and in line with other properties will be critical to achieving your goals. Time and money are related and overpricing could be more damaging than you realize. For more information on pricing strategies for homes in Franklin TN, contact Jim Eaton at Blueprint Realty, Inc.


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