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Franklin TN Single Family Homes On The Market

Single family homes are the most desired class of real estate. As its name implies, they are single unit dwellings. However, single family homes can vary quite a bit in design and features, accommodating the needs of diverse home buyers. The following is some introductory information on Franklin TN single family homes on the market.

Desirability of Single Family Homes

Single family living is desired for their separation from other homes. With few restrictions, it gives you the ability to change your home and truly make it your own. Most single families have a certain amount of land, enabling you to use both the outdoors and indoors. Financing programs tend to be most advantageous for single family homes as well (versus other types of homes).

Single Family Home Designs

Single family homes come in many designs. Colonial styles include two full levels of living area. Cape styles have two floors but usually with sloped ceilings on the second level. Ranch style include just one living level above ground. Split entry styled homes typically include stairs going up and down at the entryway with one finished floor above and a finished lower level. Some single families may actually be physically connected to others. These are the most well-known home styles, although there are an abundance of other types such as log homes and mediterranean.

Home Amenities

As with all types of home, single family homes can contain a range of features. Some will include guest quarters with additional living areas, updated kitchen features, additional rooms, built-in equipment, etc. Special amenities will make a home unique and draw certain groups of home buyers. The amenities often affect price range as well.

Franklin TN Single Family Homes On The Market

Most Franklin TN single family homes on the market are indexed in the real estate MLS system. Visit to immediately see an up-to-date list of Franklin TN single family homes on the market. If you are searching for something in particular, please give me a call. I can further narrow down the list to match your criteria. I can also auto-notify you of new listings that meet your preferences.


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