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Determining Whether To Stay In Your Property During Renovation

Do you have an imminent home renovation project? There are several factors to take into account before determining whether to stay in your property during renovation. The following are just some problems with staying in your property during renovation.

Enduring Disruption

Every renovation task is special and as a result has different points of disruption. Primarily, you must reflect on your degree of tolerance. If you reside in a property on your own, it could be greater than if you have kids and pets. There are many other issues to consider.

Factors to Reflect On

1. Rooms Impacted

Consider the areas of the home that will be impacted and if you can function without accessing it. If you are working on a kitchen, are you able to prepare meals via other means (i.e. a grill). For bathroom remodel, do you have a second bath that can be used?

2. Hours Spent in the House

If you are home for most of the day because you work from home, consider whether or not noise levels may cause an issue. Power may also be shut off for a period of time in order for work to be done – could this affect your power to work? If you stay at home with your kids, what activities within the house may be reduced during the course of the day and night? These are all vital questions to pose.

3. Construction Length

Determining whether to stay in your property during renovation will naturally be impacted by the length of the renovation. If you are prepared to stay home with the trouble of repairs being carried out, you should really consider for what length of time you can bear it.

4. Thwarting the Project

Does you being present aid or delay the efforts? If you not hanging about in the home considerably shrinks the time it entails for the job to be accomplished, then it may be well worth it to vacate in the interim.

5. Safety Considerations

Construction obviously brings with it dust, supplies, and debris. Keep in mind where these might spread to and what impact it may have on your well-being, specifically if you have family. Ask whether they can block off the area without delaying the job.

Determining Whether To Stay In Your Property During Renovation

In the end, staying in your property during renovation is your decision. Develop a knowledgeable choice based on the size of the remodeling, length of time, safety risks, and impact on your living situation. Review everything with your contractor. Stay optimistic, but keep in mind the worst-case scenario.


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