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Common Mistakes Committed By Sellers Of Franklin, TN Real Estate

Seller behavior may affect the performance of a home for sale. Some common mistakes committed by sellers of Franklin, TN real estate are more critical than others. Sellers must avoid the mistakes outlined in this blog.

Common Mistakes Committed By Sellers Of Franklin, TN Real Estate

Not Cleaning Up

Keeping a home constantly presentable may be a challenge particularly while still living there. Sellers must spend time cleaning prior to buyer appointments and open houses. Buyers tend to focus on little about a property and more of the clutter instead, so not spending sufficient time cleaning will make your property less desirable. Furthermore, buyers think that owners who do not clean their property also avoid necessary home maintenance. Cleaning up helps listings sell quicker and for more money.

Complicated Showing Instructions

Requiring too much notice for viewings restricts the buyers that will visit the property. Another mistake is asking that keys be picked up several miles from the the home. In regions with an abundance of competition, buyers will focus on properties that are convenient to show. Complicated showing instructions result in decreased opportunities and longer marketing time frames.

Lingering During Buyer Visits

Home owners may wish to be present during appointments, but this can negatively impact things. Buyers may feel awkward touring a house under the close watch of a seller. Also, extensive talking with a home owner may distract people from the home itself. Buyers prefer to leisurely view a property and to talk freely with one another about their thoughts. Also, parties interacting with each other could cause misconceptions about motivation and terms.

Overpricing a Property

Price is directly related to how long a listing will remain on the market and how much it will ultimately sell for. Of the common mistakes committed by sellers of Franklin, TN real estate, this one is the worst. It is normal for homeowners to have an attachment to a home and to try and get the best price possible. However, overpricing is not good. Overpriced properties take much longer to sell than moderately priced ones. Over time, the listing becomes stale and loses momentum. The listing will sell for less after price reductions and so many days on market. Therefore, there is really no advantage to overpricing real estate. Consult with a real estate professional for a comparative market analysis and delay listing your property if the current value is where you need it to be.

Selling Independently

Some owners attempt a for sale by owner. Even though it is possible, there may be many headaches and costly mistakes committed. Real estate professionals are trained on listing a property, acting as an intermediary, negotiating contracts, and protecting the interests of their clients. They also monitor the real estate market and changes that can impact a home sale. This may make a big difference, especially during fluctuating market conditions.

Sellers Play a Critical Role

Sellers play an essential role in the marketing of real estate. The common mistakes committed by sellers of Franklin, TN real estate above are only a few typical mistakes. An experienced real estate agent can ensure avoidance of other listing pitfalls. For additional information on this and other related topics, contact Jim Eaton.


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