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Checklist For Franklin TN Home Sellers Prior To Closing

As you pack up for an upcoming home sale, it is easy to overlook some important things. This checklist for Franklin TN home sellers prior to closing below can facilitate a smooth closing and move.

Schedule Mail Forwarding

You may notify the postal service ahead of time regarding your new address. This can be done at a local branch or on their website. Note that there are actually two different services available. A straight-forward change of address includes only a small charge of a few dollars when submitted online. There is an advanced service that costs much more but is typically not needed unless you need more than forwarding. You must still inform senders directly of your new address. Forwarding through the post office will only allow mail to reach you during a limited amount of time.

Contact Your Lender

If your mortgage payment incorporates amounts for property taxes, then there is an escrow account containing that money. When your property taxes are due, the funds are removed from the escrow account. If your upcoming closing will occur around the same time that the property tax bill is to be paid, you can tell your lender not to remit the payment. That same bill may be part of your closing costs, leading to an over payment. Double check this with the closing attorney to be certain. It may be a painful procedure to obtain a refund or you may not realize the mistake at all. Typically, any money left in escrow account is returned after the lender receive the payoff.

Call Utility Companies

Call each utility company to schedule cancellation of service. Most require sufficient notice. For utilities such as heat, a service person must come out to check the meter before sending the final bill. Other services, such as cable, may need you to drop off certain equipment. You might not find out this information until you connect with them, so try not to delay until the last minute.

Checklist For Franklin TN Home Sellers Prior To Closing

The checklist for Franklin TN home sellers prior to closing in this blog contains merely some of the major items to include. For additional tasks related to selling your property, consult your listing broker. He or she will make sure that you do not miss other important tasks.


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