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Advice For Mitigating Sadness When Moving With Kids

Moving is generally a difficult event, particularly for children. To help children cope with the transition, there are certain things that you may do before, during, and proceeding the move. This article contains advice for mitigating sadness when moving with kids.

In Advance of the Move

Stress appears way ahead of moving day. Communication is important. Make sure your kids understand the process. Instill some excitement by asking them to help with planning. Mention all of the great things that will result from the change rather than what they are leaving behind.

While Moving

Change is difficult for everyone. As exhausted as you might be, stay enthusiastic. Your mindset has a big impact on your kids and their state of mind. Here are a few other things you may do on moving day.

Personal Belongings – During the move, remember to put aside some toys instead of making kids wait for the moving truck to appear and belongings to be unpacked. Those special items will minimize emotional distress.

Schedules – Moving will temporarily disturb regular routines. Try your best to continue routines with stories, meals, and other activities.

Make It Fun – Be creative and do things such as having a slumber party in your house on a night before the furniture gets delivered. This is fun for the kids and sleeping in the same space can be reassuring to have the family together during the first time in a strange home.

After the Big Day

Oftentimes distractions help minimize stress. Think of fun things to do once you are in a new house. This creates new memories. Here are some to try.

Movie Night – Watching a favorite movie makes your new home feel like the old one.

Explore the Area – Most families have a favored restaurant, park or place to hang out. Find new places to visit around the new house. Better yet, look for amenities that were not found near the old neighborhood. It will make the new home feel extra special.

Make the Space Personal – Most homes require painting, so let your kids to participate. Younger kids may pick color schemes and accent pieces and older kids could be more involved with the interior design. This participation will help them feel some ownership of their new home.

More Advice For Mitigating Sadness When Moving With Kids

The most important thing to keep in mind during a move is that kids will be sad and grumpy. Give them some leeway when they act out understanding that it is likely caused by the changes. Maintain good communication so they are encouraged to share their fears. This also provides you with an opportunity to assist them through it. Attempt the above advice for mitigating sadness when moving with kids and look for other interesting activities to do with your children.


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